Sunday, 17 August 2008

Summer Cruise - Alvechurch to Brum (again!)

Monday 4th August
Alvechurch to Birmingham
Having worked extremely hard on the Sunday we decided to take it easy today, just a relatively short run into Birmingham, then moor up near the National Indoor Arena.

So no locks, but two tunnels including Wast Hill, which we had been told was very wet, bendy and not possible to see through from one end to the other. No one is wild about doing tunnels, but we approached this one with some apprehensions. It just wasn't true - you can clearly see through it from one end to the other (2726 yards), and it was a bit wet, but so are all tunnels.

We came in through Gas Street Basin again (same route in as last time, from Kings Norton, past the University of Brum).

Once we'd moored up Cath went shopping and viewing the sights (I love Birmingham!), Alan did an oil change on the engine and a bit of fixing to the flush on the loo.

We went for another pizza in the evening, and then spent time wandering around the interesting water features in Brindley Place, and going shopping at a small Sainsbury's before heading off to bed.

We were kept awake by the racket made by the Canada Geese and the seagulls that seem to infest all cities these days all year round.

Daily Total: 12.22 miles, 0 locks, 2 tunnels.
Running Total: 186.5 miles, 221 locks, 14 tunnels

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