Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday 3rd April 2009
We never seem to be ready on time to get away when we want to, so this morning found us still throwing clothes, shoes, and other necessary items into bags. Michael was left with instructions about watering the plants, and we set off. We got to the marina while it was still a bit misty, and sorted things into cupboards – amazingly everything can now be stowed. The replacement to the old bunk room actually allows us to get everything out of the way – without falling over bags, boots and other clutter – a huge improvement.

We got away at about 2:15, just as the sun was beginning to break through the mist, and headed north, across the summit. The trees are beginning to break into leaf and blossom, in the frantic energy of early spring, and a lone kingfisher regarded us from a nearby branch as we passed, instead of the usual swooping flight ahead of the boat.

Above lock 42 on the Marsworth flight.

At the bottom of the Marsworth 7 we caught up with two boats ahead of us, and followed them down through the next few locks – with them generously turning the locks behind them on our behalf.

I have been puzzled for a long time about the strange brick structure in the field next to the Marsworth 2 – it looks for all the world like a ventilation shaft to a tunnel, but the railway is clearly visible and I believe that the canal has always gone the way that it does now – so what on earth is it?

At Seabrook we caught up with ‘Jade P’ from our marina – working down several locks in the bright spring sunshine with Julie and Barry, before they moored up for the evening. As the sun moved towards the horizon it was starting to get colder, so we continued a little further, to Slapton, where we stopped, lit the stove, and cooked risotto.

It’s great to be boating again.
Distance: 8.2 miles. Locks: 15.

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