Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh Dear - Where Did The Blog Go ? - And Aylesbury Arm in January

(Posted by Alan)

Somehow we are nearly in June, and the blog has lain dormant since the start of the year.

There are actually some very real reasons for that, as all should become clear, but we are in danger of seeing it die because it is lagging so far behind real time.

Blogger doesn't seem to easily allow you to go back and include events already passed, and actually get things in chronological sequence.

(Subsequent note: It has been pointed out to us now how you can adjust the dates of blog posts - thanks for that! Very useful, and I'll try and sort out the muddle soon!).

Anyway, we have decided to add some "place holders" for events and trips we have missed up until now, which at least gives us something we can go back and edit and add to, if time magically starts to appear.

After our New Year on Chalice, the next trip out was to Aylesbury in fairly cold weather on January 23rd (outbound) and 24th (return to base).

So this is brief acknowledgement of that so far unrecorded trip.

A chilly start planned from Aylesbury Basin

We hoped that this still fairly presentable abandoned cruiser would not end up further vandalised to the point that British Waterways would order it's destruction. A good boat could be had, with a little effort.

I was very pleased later to get this not particularly well composed photograph published in Waterways World in one of their articles about the future of Marsworth depot.

Sunset as we leave "Peter's Two" locks, nearly back at our home mooring.

Aylesbury and retur
Total Miles: 14.7 , Total Locks: 36


Adam said...

In Blogger, on the page where you write or edit your post, click on "Post options" at the bottom of the window, and then on "Schedule". You can then change the date of the post -- and if you put a date in the past, it will look as though you published it on that date. If you put a date in the future, it will hold the post until then, and then publish it automatically.

Alan said...


That's really useful information - thanks.

Herself had taken a look, and failed to find out how to do this.

As time permits we will go back and try and attach some more correct dates to some of the posts already made.