Thursday, 29 July 2010

To Stonebridge Lock on the River Lee

(Posted by Cath)

Harlow to Stonebridge

Another long push south today. It started overcast, and even rained slightly at one point - but a lot of the day was hot and sunny again.

Chalice at Parndon Mill, south of Harlow.

Heading south on the Stort.

We kept on South for the whole day, with little to distract us from the travelling. All along the canal were bramble bushes hanging with huge, ripe blackberries. I must get my jam kettle out when we get home.

One of us cycled ahead a lot of the time - and Charlie got a lot of walks between locks. At Waltham Common Lock I decided to walk Charlie through "Waltham Marsh" down to the next lock. On the map it had looked very simple, but I got lost and although I had a walkie talkie I didn't have my phone with me. I couldn't hear Alan on the radio, although he could hear me saying that I was lost.

Then suddenly I turned a corner and there was Waltham Town Lock, I couldn't see the boat, and began to wonder where they were when they appeared. They'd been slightly delayed at the previous lock.

We decided to moor up near to our friends on Rallentando at Stonebridge Lock, and Charlie got another walk through Tottenham Marshes. Rallentando is nearing the end of a long and thorough paint job, and looks amazing. I suspect that our approaching painting session is unlikely to produce anything like as good.

Harlow to Stonebridge
Miles: 17.4, Locks: 17

Total Miles: 115.2, Total Locks: 119

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