Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some sad news.

Posted by Alan.

This may seem a strange thing to post here, but I have been receiving several inbound messages from people who I have no obvious other way to respond to, but I know look here from time to time.

Many have noticed that our regular cruising pattern ended after August, and indeed the boat has not moved since, and has sat through the recent severe weather, unloved, and with a flat battery.

Some will know the reason is that my mum, Adelaide, fell ill in early October, and we have been on a fairly roller coaster ride since then.

Sadly Mum passed away on the 27th December, and was laid to rest this last week.

Mum had lived independently at home, without assistance beyond friends or family ,up until over 92 years old, and was not a fan of hospitals and care homes. So, while it has been a shock to lose her so quickly, we are comforted by the fact that she spent most of a very long life as she wanted it, and that the unavoidable period of being cared for by others at the end was not too drawn out.

So, on a brighter note, if I can manage to not damage myself again, as I did early last year, (more boating time lost!), and if Cath's parents can manage to stay hale and hearty for a while, then there is a much greater chance that we may make it around a wide range of canals and rivers this year.

Mind you, I now have a cataract operation to get out of the way before serious boating begins.....

Thanks to all those who have expressed concern, or given support, through the recent months.


Anonymous said...

Be good to see you out cruising before too long. Best of luck with the op.
- Carrie x

Alan said...

Hi Carrie,

Boat did actually get a brief trip out today.

First time since mid-September when we blacked it, as my Mum fell ill shortly after that.

Only a short "two locks each way" trip to the local pub for a meal, but, despite the fierce winds, it was good to be moving again.

Real boating is still driven by school holidays, (Cath's job), but we sincerely hope for a better year than last year, and to really get some boating done for a change.