Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Uxbridge to Kings Langley

28th May
A bright sunny day again - we were really lucky with the weather most of the time.
On the whole this was a day with no problems, no major events.
We stopped for milk and other essential supplies at Tesco's in Batchworth. We took it in turns steering and working locks - and some of the time we had the battered old bike, "Margaret", off to lock-wheel.

I do wonder if BW is going to do anything about the attrocious state of Iron Bridge Lock in Cassiobury Park - it leaks so badly that it is virtually impossible to open the top gates. Ditto the gate paddle on the upper one of the Cassiobury pair - it's been out of action for at least four years.

We caught up with a boat moving north when we got to Hunton Bridge and worked through several locks with them, although they seemed to have fuel problems, and were moving very slowly. They were aiming to get to the M25 to do some boat painting under the road bridge.

We got as far as lock 69A, and then spent ages debating where we were going to moor up. I won, and we moored soon after the lock. We ate dinner sat on the roof, then Alan decided that he was finally going to emulate the boaters on the Thames, and sit on the roof drinking in the evening sun. Alan looking happy and relaxed.

I have to admit that I thought he was being a prat, so asked a couple of passing young women how stupid he looked on a scale of 1-10. This backfired seriously on me, as they said he didn't look silly, but looked happy and relaxed.

The sun went down in a completely clear sky, and the lights slowly came on in the back gardens across the canal. Kings Langley looked gorgeous.

Miles: 14.8, Locks
Total Distance: 146.2, Total Locks: 126

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