Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer 2009

Monday 27th July

Lots of thing delayed us, but I was determined that we would actually spend a night on the boat, even if it meant being in the marina. Alan, David and I packed everything in the car, issued last minute instructions to Michael, and set off. As it was we managed to leave the marina sometime after 8:00 pm, and set off across the summit, finally arriving in the dusk about an hour later. For Alan it was the first time travelling after dark, and was made particularly difficult by crossing the deep cutting of the summit, with large overhanging trees.

As we crossed the summit I packed things into cupboards, and began to get a meal ready. We finally managed to eat a curry at about 10 pm, then off to bed.

Miles: 3, Locks: 0

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cath - err - which direction were you heading? It's not easy for us landlubbers to know which 'summit' you mean!