Saturday, 24 October 2009

Alan and David set off

Thursday 22nd October 2009
We have finally completed all the works to Chalice that have been ongoing over the last half-term since we got back in August. This has included: remove and replace the sheared engine bolt (which was probably in the most inaccessible place possible and involved David hanging upside down over the engine to drill into the remaining piece of bolt in the engine); changing the engine cooling system; removal and repair of the stove and chimney (no one wants to go boating in October with no heat source); and completely stripping the fire surround tiling and hearth area and replacing it with something more substantial and more attractive.

So, it's half term, and time to set off again. Alan and I have a wedding to go to in London on Sunday 25th, so we decided that he and David would set off with the boat, so that we could then carry on and spend a few days in Central London.

Alan dropped me at work in the morning with our trusty folding bicycle, Margaret, and I did my usual Thursday work, while he and David started south from Cowroast. I wasn't really aware of what they did, but at the end of the school day I unchained Margaret and set off towards the canal - realising about half way down the hill that Margaret's brakes really are not up to very much. When I reached the canal I set off northwards to meet them coming south - they hadn't got as far as hoped as they had set off later than expected.

David steers Chalice, there are still a surprising number of leaves on the trees for late October.

We moored up in the evening at Boxmoor, ate dinner, and Alan set off up the towpath to meet his former work colleagues at the Steam Coach. I fell asleep - well it's been a busy half term one way and another.

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