Sunday, 25 October 2009

Slow progress to Uxbridge

Saturday 24th October 2009
Canal Plan AC suggested that the journey from Cassiobury Park to Uxbridge, shouldn't take too long, so we were in no particular rush to get started. That was a big mistake. There seemed to be boats moving in both directions at almost every lock we got to. This meant very slow progress all day.

Iron Bridge Lock leaks almost as fast as it fills, so it slowed us down considerably. Above Cassio Bridge lock we teamed up with another Cowroast moored boat and worked down several locks with them.

At Common Moor there was a Bantam pusher tug, wider than a narrowboat, waiting to enter the lock, the steerer suggested that it ought to be possible to fit the tug and our two narrowboats into the lock at the same time. It was a tight fit, but we did manage to get the three boats in at the same time. The other narrow boat being somewhat longer than Chalice was very close to the cill at times.

Three boats in a lock - Common Moor Lock - Narrow boats 50ft and 60ft, Bantam tug about 25 ft.

Pushing the widebeam - a Leeds and Liverpool Short Boat.

Lot Mead Lock.

We stopped for supplies at Rickmansworth.

Our slow progress all day meant that we arrived at Uxbridge lock at dusk. We locked down with another boat, and found that we were one of several boats moving after dark.

Even after mooring immediately outside the General Elliott, we found that several boats passed us well after dark. In this area it seems quite normal to go to the pub by boat after dark, and then go back to a home mooring.

We blogged in the evening using the wifi connection at the General Elliot.
Locks: 12, Miles: 10.8
Total Locks: 44, Total Miles: 24.3

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