Tuesday, 13 April 2010

First Serious Trip After Fractured Pelvis - Little Woolstone Easter 2010

(Posted by Alan)

Continuing with the concept of a "place holder" for 2010 trips that we have failed to record up until now.

A shame this one has to start of in summary, because it was actually very significant in the big scheme of things.

The Easter school holiday would traditionally have us planning some trip that is pushing things to complete in a fortnight, (we did the Thames Ring at that time last year, for example).

No such luck this time. I was only a few weeks into recuperating from a fractured pelvis, and with this and the demands at work Cath was snowed under.

However a few days before we got to the Easter break, I had not only boarded the boat a few times, but had actually managed to steer on short trips to the local pub. However it was hard work, and getting on or off, or working locks very hard.

We decided not to be completely beaten at Easter, and that we would push North for a few days, and see how we fared. This is relatively easy from our new mooring, moderately hard work only until Leighton Buzzard, with respite until Three Locks and Stoke Hammond, after which there are many (almost!) lock-free miles.

The newly opened marina just above Grove lock and pub

Stop for "facilities" at Leighton Buzzard - not one of British Waterways better kept sanitary stations, sadly!

We eventually made it to Little Woolstone, part of Grand Union's long route through and around the top of Milton Keynes.

We enjoyed an excellent pub lunch with Allan & Debbie Jones, (owners of narrow boat "Keeping Up"), although there were moments of excitement when our newly acquired dog Charlie got loose, and literally ran rings around us.

Charlie our new "boat dog" at a better behaved moment. (Misplaced the hair brush, Cath ?).

I found the canalling hard work, as, no doubt did Cath, as far more of the lock work came her way. But I think we were all really glad to be boating again, and there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel with the pelvis situation - we maybe were not going to lose so much long-term boating after all.

Little Woolstone and return
(4 boating days)
Total Miles: 37.1 , Total Locks: 30

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