Sunday, 27 February 2011

Short Break at Half Term - Fifth and Final Day

(posted by Alan)

Globe Inn, Leighton Buzzard to Cook's Wharf

Today was just a case of a fairly standard run back to base from just north of Leighton Buzzard - relatively undemanding, although the weather forecast didn't exactly sound brilliant.  There was no great hurry to start, as we definitely needed a stop at Leighton Buzzard Tesco, and being a Sunday, that didn't open until 10:00 am anyway - so we did the short trip down to there to be ready for that.

By the time we restarted the rain had set in, and it was also colder than yesterday, so not the best of boating weather.  There was a brief moment just North of Leighton where we actually had 4 boats moving at once, but at least one of these seemed to be only making a trip of a few hundred yards, and we eventually ended up passing through Grove lock with the same couple we had accompanied through several locks yesterday.  As we already knew they were taking their brand new boat to Grove Marina, it was fairly obvious we would be on our own after that, and so it proved to be.

Lots of rain
And even more rain
In fact we hardly saw anything else move until we had done the further 8 locks back to base.  It rained steadily, so Cath took over steering for stints, to allow me to go in briefly in attempts to warm up.  I'm not supposed to be doing much hard work after eye surgery, but did work around 4 of the locks, and was pleased to be doing so again.

Even on days like today there are unusual sights to see some places, and Cath spotted a Muntjac deer in the former side-ponds of one of the many locks.  It was really quite close, and in no great hurry to run off, despite us being there.
I predicted the rain would stop as we approached "base", and I wasn't far wrong.  It seemed to take an eternity to pack and load the car, (we seem to take stuff for 3 weeks, even if only going for 5 days, or so!), but eventually we were ready, and another trip was sadly over.

Because of our disrupted year last year, we never once got further north than Cosgrove, so already this year, still in February, we have done better on that front than last year.  We hope to go a great deal further in the summer!

Globe Inn, Leighton Buzzard to Cook's Wharf
Miles: 7.9, Locks:10

Total Miles: 65.6, Total Locks:46


Sue said...

Oops, bother and darn it!!
Half term passed by here with little recognition as I am not involved in those breaks any more. Also I'd been ill, and simultaneously had an excruciating recurrence of my back problem.
Now both are mainly resolved thanks to pills, potions and chiro and then I saw that you'd made the most of a short break.
It was so lovely to see you had a good trip despite the awful weather. It was a snapshot of the parts I love to walk, but am not sure, right now, how the walking will be resumed as Spring and Summer come on.
Watch this space then? lol!
best wishes

Alan said...

Hi Sue,

Sadly I'm finding walking any great distances, (and I try and do quite a bit with Charlie), increasingly painful.

When I smashed my pelvis last year, I was warned it could result in it wearing a lot faster, and send me on the way towards an early hip replacement.

Increasingly I fear that's the way it's going, particularly when even sitting in a chair is quite painful sometimes.

We should be travelling North again at Easter, I think. Maybe hook up with you then ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan
Sorry to hear you still have that pain. I'm guessing you've done all the chiro/physio/hot/cold treatments. I imagine Charlie is a great walker!
I do dread the notion of not being able to walk as much as I have done in recent years. Towpaths are amongst the best for me as they are generally flat.
Yes, it would be great to meet up somewhere along your Easter route. Bet you can't wait!