Saturday, 9 April 2011

Start of the Extended Thames Ring, (Hopefully!)

(posted by Alan)

Globe Inn, Leighton Buzzard to Cook's Wharf to Little Woolstone (Milton Keynes)

Well, things are in chaos at home. Alan is increasingly hobbling around as a result of smashing his pelvis rather more than a year ago, (it doesn't look like it's going to settle down now, unfortunately), and still in a lot of discomfort following cataract surgery.  Cath is very over-tired, following having never really caught up her work backlog caused by Alan's mum's illness and passing.  So what would any sensible set of people do at this point ?  Why, start a big boating trip, (of course!).

Anyway the plan is to do the Thames Ring, (anti-clockwise), which we have done before, but to try and "borrow" enough extra time to tackle the upper reaches of the navigable Thames to Lechlade, (which we have  not).

This means that while we will not do manic days, we do need to put in a decent mileage and lock count most days.

We managed to be on board Friday night, (albeit very late), and should have got away promptly on Saturday, (and might have done, had the boat clock not still been on winter time!).

A glorious day, with steady progress, and no unexpected happenings.

We caught one of our local day boats at the first lock, and worked with them until the Grove pub, a mile or two before Leighton Buzzard.

The owner's name on this boat always appeals to my childish sense of humour.

Bottom lock at "Three Locks"
Stoke Hammond
A standard "grocery stop" at the Leighton Buzzard super -market, and then forwards, with a fair knowledge that there would be Wyvern Shipping hire boats ahead at Three Locks, (there were!).

We chatted briefly with our friends Allan and Debbie at Stoke Hammond, and then introduced ourselves to Canal World Forum member Chris and his wife Pat at Fenny Stratford.

The very shallow Fenny Lock
On to Little Woolstone, where although still plenty of daylight left, we decided we were knackered, and tied up.

Cook's Wharf to Little Woolstone (Milton Keynes)
Miles: 18.1, Locks:14

Total Miles: 18.1, Total Locks:14


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great trip and the weather stays kind for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Now Alan, BREATHE!! Slow down a bit! Good grief, you are certainly keeping to a fast schedule according to Navvygator. Anyway, I hope you are still having a great cruise, despite some rain this afternoon.