Monday, 18 April 2011

Deja Vu

(posted by Cath)

What is it about Oxford and eye problems?  Last night Alan started to see black dots in his eyes.  By this morning the problem seemed to have resolved itself, so, because I wanted to go into Oxford we moved the boat down a half a mile or so of canal, nearer the middle of the city.

We were just sitting down for a coffee in Waterstones, when Alan said that the dots were back again.  You don't mess with your sight, and knowing that in Oxford you can't just walk into the eye hospital and get to be seen, we went into an opticians. The first one couldn't see Alan today, but we got an appointment an hour or so later in a different opticians.

It's quite scary, waiting for that hour, walking around, making sure you've eaten something, had a drink, found a loo, and checked the bus timetables to the hospital in case you are told that you have to go straight there, all the time wondering what might be happening to your sight.

At Specsavers Alan was basically put through the same lot of tests that he had 5 weeks ago, for new glasses following his cataract operation.  The optician wouldn't commit, but seemed to give the impression that she didn't think that it was serious, although she wanted Alan to go to the John Radcliffe Hospital for a proper check.  The hospital rang Alan and offered an appointment for Thursday - Alan explained that we are on the boat, and that we need to be pressing on.

Above Isis Lock (Last on the Canal)
The hospital wouldn't say whether they thought that Alan really needed to be seen very soon, but eventually offered an appointment tomorrow afternoon, or told him he could go on to London and go into Moorfields.

Back on the big river.
We've decided to hang on here, hope that there is nothing serious, but get it checked out, and if we do have to stay longer, then find ways of dealing with it.

Moored above Osney Lock
Rather pointless signs in abundance
Having made the decision we went and filled up with fuel at College Cruisers, (cheaper than expected!), before venturing out on the Thames for a quick trip from the "Sheepwash Channel" up to Godstow Lock and then back to Osney, where we are now moored.  This has hopefully charged the batteries a bit, and provided some hot water for showers, as well as getting  us off of British Waterways moorings with a very short stay limit.


Oxford (Canal) to Oxford (Osney on the Thames) via Godstow
Miles: 5.0, Locks:1

Total Miles: 169.0, Total Locks: 94


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Diana had the same problem when we were down on the Nene. I was more worried than her and made our way back a bit earlier than planned. Visit to the optician/or doctor said it was a Floater and nothing could be done, with time she would not notice it.
Ref moorings, if you have a medical problem just ring BW and they will let you stay put for a bit.

Alan said...

Thanks Brian,

To be honest I wasn't that worried about slightly overstaying a BW mooring. Our bigger issue is being set up as a "boating" boat, power is fine if we move daily, but we are really not geared up to days without charging.

As you will see in following post, I';m now cleared to carry on. I simply cannot believe the coincidence of Cath and I suffering similar eye problems at the same location, but 2 years apart!

I suppose if it;s going to happen, then "within range of the John Radcliffe" isn't a bad place for it to do so!