Saturday, 23 April 2011

Last of the non-tidal Thames - Getting to Teddington

(posted by Cath)

We had only a few miles and locks to go today, to get ourselves to Teddington, so we didn't rush it at all.  Alan and I took Charlie for a walk past the moored houseboats at Chertsey, and on a bit further, until we met a road.  Charlie was keen to try out his new found swimming skills, walking into the Thames in several places, and doggie paddling about.

Bikes out at Walton on Thames - Ready to shop.
We decided to moor up at Walton on Thames, to go to a super- market.  We've used the bikes a few times while away, but not both at the same time.  Alan and I set off on the bikes in the baking sun, stopped for a coffee and cake before we got to the town centre, then went shopping - it really is hard to believe that this is the UK in April.  It feels much more like somewhere on the continent.

As we were being fairly lazy it was after 1 pm before we got going again, on through the final lock to Hampton Court, where we thought we might amble about in the garden for a while.  We intended to moor on the visitors moorings outside, but all seemed full, except a small gap, that we weren't sure that we'd fit into.  We had a bit of a misunderstanding about what David and I (on the front of the boat) thought needed to happen as we approached, and what Alan (on the back of the boat) heard - so we arrived shouting forward and back, and trying not to look like rank amateurs. 

Coffee and scones at Hampton Court,
At this point we were rescued - we spotted Kingfisher, with Lucy and Rob from the Canal World Forum - who had just moored, and who let us breast up to them.  We knew that they were travelling up the Thames, and roughly where they might be, but we hadn't formally met them before, so once introductions were over we headed off to the Cafe in the Hampton Court Gardens, and had the opportunity to find out a bit about each other.

Truly a "House Boat"!
After coffee we said goodbye to Lucy and Rob, and we set off towards Tedding- ton, only a couple of miles further on.  As I steered black clouds began gathering towards the south, and there were rumblings of thunder.

We moored up, Charlie got another walk, and we confirmed what time we need to lock through onto the Tidal Thames with the 'lockie' at Teddington, just as the heavens opened, and the rain began in earnest.  We are now moored up, doors of the boat still open at the front, as it is still hot, despite it having been raining now for a good couple of hours.

Chertsey to Teddington
Miles: 11.8, Locks: 3

Total Miles: 263.1, Total Locks: 126


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still having a great cruise, and no further problems. This blog is close to my childhood home. However, I see that you are now much nearer here than there. The weather is wonderful, hope it stays sunny for you.

Anonymous said...

Safe home I see. Glad you had a lovely cruise

Anonymous said...

err? and suddenly 3 more blogs appear here!!
I know my machine came from the Ark, so now I need to do some catching up. Yes, Tuesday was bloomin cold compared to the Easter w/e, then today lovely and sunny again, but still that nasty chill wind.
Shame that a tow path stroll/meet became impossible, but what with my vol extra cover days and your pace (!!) then it was not to be. Maybe next time?